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Overview of M & A Advisory Services

MAS undertakes a range of merger and acquisition consulting services on behalf of acquirers of or sellers of Commodities, Energy and Financial Information Technology software vendors. MAS leverages their research assets and market expertise to assist companies in the range of $5 Million to $150 Million in revenue, to receive the best value for their company. For acquisition and divestment projects, MAS has provided market assessment analysis including market sizing, market growth and opportunity analysis, technology adoption cycle analysis, displacement obstacles, and replacement trends.

Buy Side Mandates

MAS advises buyers of commodities, energy & financial information technology companies on a retainer and/or transaction performance basis. MAS uniquely identifies software candidates from market functional grids, and vendor application fit. MAS, with its proprietary global vendor databases and global vendor profile research, identifies a short-list of candidates that the buyer should be interested in buying because of their internal portfolio and external market position.

Venture Capital Review

MAS advises Venture Capital and Private Equity firms on their investments in these sectors. MAS has undertaken multiple "business and market due diligence" assignments for VC/PE clients for $10 to $100M investments. MAS has worked successfully with VC/PE  firms to assist in market opportunity reviews (positioning, sizing, industry spend rate, competitive landscape) and valuation assessments.

Management Buy In

MAS has advised senior executives on overtures to create new business ventures with external funding for "buying into" private companies with underperforming assets that offer a platform for future business growth. This advice offering ranges from identification of assets, review of assets, and obtaining a financial partner for the business and acquisition strategy. 



Sell Side Mandates

MAS advises sellers of commodities, energy & financial information technology companies on a retainer and/or transaction performance basis. MAS prepares the seller for this process by the initial review of the business with trial run MAS due diligence to identify deficiencies early on and in order to address them prior to market exposure. MAS undertakes the market analysis regarding prospective buyers and presents the business case for specific buyers that would value the acquisition on a strategic basis rather than on a purely financial one. 

Divestiture Mandates

MAS advises public and private IT conglomerates on the divestment of non-core assets or products/business divisions that are no longer strategic. MAS assesses the alternative value to other market participants and undertakes the divestment assignment. Similar to sell side assignments, MAS reviews the market landscape for ideal prospects and assists the preparation of the business unit for divestment and dialogue with interested parties.

Management Buy Out

MBOs are alternative transactions to a straight sale on behalf of shareholders. The MBO process of a private company, where the members of the executive management team are not significant shareholders nor have capital for a buy out, requires careful consideration of proper and legal treatment of existing shareholders. MAS usually works with the company's legal counsel and board to progress an MBO process under proper governance to mitigate business and shareholder risk in terms of potential diminished valuation and transaction terms.  MAS assists the effort in developing third party financial partners to work with management to progress a fair value offer and un-conflicted transaction terms in regards to management and shareholders.





Sample Transactions

GIFTS Software (NY) Sold to FIS (Jacksonville, FL)
MAS Advised the Seller

Logicscope (London) Sold to MarkitServ (London)
MAS Advised the Seller

 FNS Ltd (Australia) Sold to Tata Consulting (India)
MAS Advised the Seller

Aleri Global Banking Assets (London) Sold to Wall Street Systems (New York)
MAS Advised the Seller

Excelergy BV (Netherlands) Sold to Nexant Inc. (San Francisco)
MAS Advised the Seller

FEA (Berkeley, CA) Sold to Barra (Berkeley, CA)
MAS Advised the Seller

Fundtech (Jersey City, NJ) Acquired Prang Gmbh (Germany)
MAS Advised the Buyer

SAS (Canada) Acquired Risk Advisory (Calgary)
MAS Advised the Seller

Wall Street Systems (New York) Acquired City Financials (London)
MAS Advised the Buyer

FNX (Philadelphia) Sold to GL Trade (Paris) MAS Advised the Seller

Spot Systems (San Francisco) Sold to FSS (Horsham, PA)
MAS Advised the Seller

MBAI (Atlanta) Sold to Surecomp (Israel)
MAS Advised the Seller
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