Overview of Management Consulting Services

MAS provides strategic and tactical management consulting for senior executives of software companies in multiple industry verticals across finance, energy, commodities, and other sectors.

Business Review

The management consulting practice includes overall business review in terms of current solutions positioning, growth stimulants and obstacles, and client pool revenue enhancement. MAS looks behind the financial data in understanding how market developments are impacting the business.

Solution Strategy

Solutions need to be assessed and aligned in terms of current client requirements, emerging requirements and the broader competitive environment. Markets may be shifting in terms of bundling functionality and displacing point solutions or evaluating alternative deployments such as SaaS. MAS undertakes solution assessment from current functional packaging, technology positioning, deployment models, pricing models, market tier and segment positioning, and messaging related to Go to Market and Time to Market Strategies.



Sales & Marketing Advisory

As markets change sales and marketing strategies and resources need to be rebalanced. MAS reviews direct and indirect sales channels in regards to traditional market focus, new market segment entry, and new geographies.  MAS has also undertaken assessment of current direct sales resources versus account management to balance optimum revenue generation in next generation solution migration.

Alliance & Ecosystem Advisory

Software companies need to constantly assess their inbound and outbound alliances programs to maximize competitiveness of solution and penetration of markets not serviced by direct channels.  Alliances become increasingly important not just from traditional solutions but from new middleware and services where connectivity and integration develop "stickiness" of the solution. Additionally, the broader advance of internal and external STP initiatives requires software companies to think in terms of ecosystems of their clients and partners. MAS reviews portfolios of inbound alliances and outbound alliances as part of indirect sales channels and also in the development of a broader ecosystem to maintain competitiveness of solutions and advance market adoption. MAS also undertakes alliance program development and recruitment.

Case Studies

Case Study: Data Vendor
Develop Inbound Alliance Strategy

Case Study: Analytics Vendor
Recruit Outbound Alliance Partners
Case Study: Corporate Treasury Vendor
Develop Outbound CTRM/ETRM Alliance Partners 

Case Study: Bank Treasury Vendor
Develop Core Banking Partners

Case Study: SWIFT Service Bureau
Develop Alliance Strategy & Identify Partners
Case Study: Payments Vendor
Develop Domestic Payments Core Banking Partners

Case Study: Capital Markets Vendor

Recruit European Distribution Partner

Case Study: ETRM Vendor
Create Solution Branding and Price Book

Case Study: CTRM Vendor
Prepare Next Generation Product Positioning

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