Overview of Strategic Advisory Services

As a strategic advisor to financial institutions (central banks, investment banks, commercial banks, and broker/dealers) and corporate treasuries throughout the world, MAS provides a leverage oriented service to rapidly progress assignments regards internal review of current business supporting technologies and external review of current and emerging third party solutions. The MAS approach is always a "blended" approach leveraging a client's staff resources and MAS experts so that a client project team owns the process and the outcome.

Strategic Reviews

In this capacity, MAS performs a strategic review of the existing IT environment, including currently installed systems evaluation, emerging business requirements, alternative solutions and establishing the selection process.

The financial market is primarily in a replacement stage in many areas of front, middle, and back office technologies. Thus the challenge is to identify "the best-fit" and optimal value solutions to replace single or multiple current legacy, whether internally developed or externally provided, applications. Understanding the replacement motivations and displacement obligations is key to addressing investment return analysis, selection, and project risk mitigation.

Solution Advisory Offering

MAS provides a full software procurement advisory program that includes:

  • Current Systems Evaluation
  • Systems Topology, Workflow and STP Analysis
  • Emerging Business Requirements
  • Current and Emerging Gap Analysis
  • Full Range of Third Party Solution Options including Substitute Stand Alone or Bundled Applications and Services
  • Client centric Filtering Process for Short List
  • RFI Proxies and RFP Templates and Production
  • Workshop Structuring with Sample Data
  • Procurement Negotiation Assistance





MAS has undertaken 100+ projects across 35 countries in the areas of foreign exchange, treasury, capital markets, market and credit risk management, wholesale banking and payments, trade finance, and commercial lending, private banking and wealth management, portfolio management, core banking, and universal banking. MAS only has seasoned executive consultants.


MAS has sector solution experts with years of successful project experience. MAS experts have developed client oriented tools and templates to support every phase of the advisory offering. This "distilled" expertise enables to MAS to assist clients in a reduced risk and a reduced cost project environment insuring successful outcomes.



Case Studies

Case Study:
Asian Bank ALM Processes Review and Vendors Evaluation

Case Study: Canadian Bank Review of ALM Processes and New Vendor Selection

Case Study: US Review of Derivatives Systems and New Vendor Selection
Case Study: US Risk Management
Systems Review for Major Commercial Bank

Case Study: Canadian Capital Markets
Rationalization of Disparate Systems

Case Study: Major German Treasury
Global System Strategy

Case Study: Central Bank
Review of Front, Middle, and Back Office Systems (*Available only to other Central Banks upon Client Approval)

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